Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A few of my favorite things

I happened to see Oprah's "Favorite Things 2007" show today, and I'll admit to a bit of cognitive dissonance. I mean, last week, she devoted two whole shows to people with hoarding problems. I only saw the second of the two shows, but Peter Walsh's (of Clean Sweep fame) message was clear "choose people over things." And then, just three shows later, she's back to a celebration of things.

But still, I watched. And I think I showed admirable restraint in not immediately rushing to the store to buy this:

I love Ciao Bella sorbets, but I've never tried the blood orange flavor. And apparently you can have it shipped directly to your door (for a rather hefty shipping fee.)

Luckily, I can find the brand locally, although I expect the blood orange flavor will be sold out for weeks.

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