Friday, November 16, 2007

But tell me what you really thought . . .

I came across this review — Hopelessly Divo'ted — of a Ukrainian restaurant in London, and I've never read anything quite like it.

The whole review is very funny, and the last two paragraphs sum up the experience:

Apparently Divo is Ukrainian for 'amazing', a name I cannot argue with. It is amazing that anybody thought a restaurant like this would be a good idea, amazing that they invested a reputed £2 million in the conversion, amazing that the result is so staggeringly, comically, bowel-twistingly poor. As we left, I was overcome by a strong feeling of gratitude, and not merely because the meal was over, but to my great-grandfather, Josef Boruchowicz. He was the one who had the gumption to escape the region of Eastern Europe which has supplied Divo's inspiration.

He saved me from having to eat this stuff every day. Thank you Josef. I owe you.

I guess I can safely cross this place off my list for my next trip to London.

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