Thursday, November 30, 2006

The NaBloPoMo finish line

When I started this blog a few months ago, my intent was to have one place where I could post lots of the things I found interesting so that I wouldn't have to dig through someone else's archives to try to find that post about, say, the incredibly rediculous modesty suits. I could put a link to the post in my own blog.

I also hoped it would make it easier to tell other people about funny or interesting things I'd found. Rather than having to find and send a link, I could just refer them to my blog.

And so far, I've met my expectations on both of those fronts.

When I first heard about NaBloPoMo, I thought it should be fairly easy for me to met the challenge—at least much easier than NaNoWriMo, which I started, but could not finish, last year. I was NOT happy about missing that finish line.

But in this blog, I haven't been (and don't really intend to be) deeply introspective. I don't write much about my life and experiences, I just post stuff I find that I happen to think is funny or interesting. How hard could it be to find 30 such things in 30 days?

Harder than I expected—although still not as hard as a novel in the same time frame. I am happy I did it, and I'm happy to cross the finish line. I probably won't post on a daily basis until the next NaBloPoMo, but if that's how you've gotten here, I hope you'll check back in every now and then.


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