Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Heros—Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson

This post from Go Fug Yourself gave me yet another reason to admire Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson. Here's an excerpt from the post Well Played: Kate Winslet . . .
How much do we love Kate Winslet? A lot. She never shows up with her boob hanging out, or wearing formal shorts, or sheer culottes, or leggings. She doesn't go to Hyde and start yelling about the characteristics of people's ladyparts, or give interviews where she sniffs that she can't believe people aren't feeding their babies organic peas grown on their own acreage. She has not hired Rachel Zoe and wasted away down to a child's size pants. (In fact, in this week's EW, she says that Emma Thompson once told her that if she [Kate] lost weight, Emma would "never fucking speak to [her] again," and that is one of the reasons we love Emma Thompson, even if she sometimes shows up places in unflattering bodices.)

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